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Sneakers wrote:
Heyyyy people, I just re-started in a private server! Not sure if you remember me. If you are interested check out nasomi.com and join windurst we need help taking over the world! Edit: its the OLD school game up to the very beginning of ToAU... come join us guys! Its awesome starting over again its been too long. And ... its free!

Just echoing Sneaks here, there'a already a growing population of ex-Hadesians (?) over on Nasomi and it'd be nice if we swelled that disproportionately with HB peeps so we can take over the server and pretend to be ten years younger again.

On average about 300-400 people online at any given time, which is nice. Content, like Sneaks said, is right up to the start of TOAU (COR/BLU is unlocked, ZNMs available, missions and other stuff nope) but there are plans to progressively release some AU stuff this coming year (Assault, Ein, Besieged and ultimately missions)

Friendly community over there. Everyone is on a server LS, Mog House, and there's more than enough bored people to help you do stuff and/or level with (level sync, despite being WOTG, is enabled).

Not everyone has time for FFXI the way we used to play, but everyone's in pretty much the same boat over there. Mostly older players (I'm 31! Thank god Pax is probably still older) who play in their free time and there's not so much a rush for anything. Endgame is still as fun as ever, except Dynamis which still sucks  

Would love to see more HB people over there. Currently we've got myself, Sneaks (he's still a taru THF, seriously), Ambrose and Boogieman and about 10-15 more Hades people that I can remember. No better time to start than now, send me a message if you need any help (but not gil D

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