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PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2005 7:19 am    Post subject: Points breakdown *UPDATED 05/11/09  Reply with quote

You earn 1 point per run. The breakdown is as followed, .5 for being there as the glass breaks, .5 for staying till the glass drops or the run is complete. In order for you to receive the .5 points, you must be present for at least half of the run or you will not be given point credit. If you are found to be AFKing excessively, you can/will be docked .5 points by leadership.

With the new Dynamis areas, the points breakdown are the same, but when we have more that we can take into the zone, which is 36. Those who show up and are ready to enter, will be given full point credit for the run regardless whether they make it in the run group or not. Being in a city with the pearl on doesn't count unless its already been agreed upon by either me or an officer.

City AF2 = 2 points
City/Ice -1 AF = 2 points
Belts and Capes = 3 points
100 Coin = 3 points
Iceland AF2 = 4 points
Shadow Items = 4 points (you are allowed to dual comment the ring or cape and AF or 100)
For instance: Shadow Mantle & PLD AF, but not Shadow Ring & Shadow Cape. The point leader get to choose which item taken if both drop.
Hydra = 6 (you are allowed to dual comment Hydra and AF or 100)

In Dynamis - Tavnazia, you may comment both job and one of the four Hydra sets:
Hydra Doublet set - WHM / BLM / RDM / BRD / SMN / SCH
Hydra Harness set - WAR / MNK / RDM / THF / PLD / DRK / BST / BRD / RNG / SAM / NIN / DRG / BLU / COR / DNC
Hydra Haubert set - WAR / PLD / DRK
Hydra Jupon set - All Jobs

All relic weapons are free lot to those who can use them. There is no points penalty for them. Wootz ore will be lotted by the bank.

When setting job comments, if you have more than 1 70+ job, you may only set your comment for one job. While you can come to Dynamis as a BLM and put in your comment THF AFv2 because you have a 73 THF, you cannot put BLM & THF in your comment in hopes that if either of the 2 drops you can have exclusive lotting priviledges on both. When a AFv2 piece drops, the person with the most points and search comment to that AF gets solo lot.

If two members want same AF and have same amount of points, they both will lot that item and it goes to the highest roll.

If a member has 0 points, they may lot into the negative. However, a member with negative points, cannot lot until the point deficit has been met.

A member may comment a job that they don't have at 70+. When posting your comment, please list it as LFP, or indicate that it is not 70+. Once all the 70+ needs have been met for that job, it will go to those who have in it comment and are not 70+ by points.

In the case where an AF drops and no one has it in their comment, it will be called "lot for points" and all members participating in the run will have the option to lot for them with the winner spending their points for it. If no one wants to spend points for it, then it will be auto-lotted and no points will be deducted for the item.

For the new dynamis areas, highest points for their job gets to solo lot upon drop, the player must decide whether to lot for it or pass. For example: Player A puts WAR in comment. -1 WAR drops. Player A can either:
Solo lot for it and pass on all other WAR drop that run,
Pass and have the ability to solo lot any additional WAR that may potentially drop; like a belt.

It's a tough call since there may potentially be 3 different things that could drop. Once a player passes an item from their commented job set, the opportunity to lot goes to the commenter with the next highest points, and so on. If it were to go lot for points, the player(s) who have passed it may not cast lots on it.  For example: Player A has Warrior commented and wants the accessory.  Warrior legs drop.  Player A passes Warrior legs and it goes Lot For Points.  Player A may not lot on this set of Warrior legs, but retains exclusive rights to the Warrior accessory.  Had Player A decided not to pass the Warrior legs, s/he would forfeit the exclusive rights to any other Warrior drop later in the run.

Comments are recorded before the run. If anyone is caught trying to change their comment during a run I record them before the run and I go by that. If there is a change that you want to make prior to starting the event, send me a tell and I'll make that change. In case of d/c, I will have the comments already recorded and no penalty will incur as long as you lot on what was stated in your comment before the run. If you are late, it is your responsibility to notify the recorder of the run your comment. After the run begins, all changes must be made in tells.

If a 100 drops, those upgraders/sponsors who have 100's in their comment and have the 3 points can lot for it. The 100 will go to the highest roll. In the effort of fairness, if you win the roll on 100, and another one drops in the same run, you will not be permitted to lot on it. If more 100's drop than there are people who have them in comment, 100's will be lotted and sold by the bank to fund further runs.
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1)  There is now a Gil payout based on attendance % for Dynamis.  The system is just like Sky.  Payouts will generally be about every 8 runs, give or take a couple.  Being late or leaving early will be credited with .5.

2)  Credit for a city run will now be double the value, excluding Tav.  Although an exception to this would be if your late or leave early, still a .5.

3)  In the near future, after our current schedule is nearing the end, there will be other events sometimes mixed into the Dynamis time slot.  Things such as KS99, ANNM, Stronghold NM's, and MMM to name just a few.

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