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Dynamis Runs will be held every Wednesday and Sunday with an occasional day taken off. Gather together time will be set at 7:30pm ET. You can check the /lsmes or website for times and which zone we will do.

Be on time! Please be at the trail markings at the appointed time. (just having the linkpearl on does not count). This is important so we can form parties and go in on time. Remember there is a 3 day timer and each time we go in late it effects entry time for next run.

Please keep any non relevant talking in /say or /pt or /shout as to minimize distractions.

If you must go AFK please notify the linkshell or party leader. If you are going to leave and not know when you are going to return, drop your hourglass or log out. You will not get full point values if you are AFK in a zone. If you are going AFK towards the end of the run, DON'T. In the case that it must happen, bazaar your glass for one gil so that in emergencies we can warp you out. Also remember that if you drop your glass in Dynamis, it will automatically kick you out in 30 seconds.

Search comments are to be set as soon as you equip the linkpearl. If you want nothing, state "points" in the message. If you do not have a comment set you will not be allowed to lot. Once the run starts, any changes need to be directed to, and approved by the one recording the run. For those coming late, it is the responsibility of that member to inform whomever is recording the run your lot comments. Assuming that the recorder is going to notice that you've entered the zone late and record you is inaccurate.

You are allowed to set comment to either AF2 or points. Sponsor upgraders may additionally put 100 If nothing is put, it will be automatically assumed points. A final call for comments will be announced prior to the run. Random money/crafting items are to be auto-sorted, DO NOT lot these. The exception to this is the Wootz ore. These are sold and go towards the bank. All first-stage Relic weapons are free-lot.

Glass sponsors (player or house) will lot all singles. 100's are still considered an item drop and will go to the upgrader with the highest lot. If all upgraders have received a 100 and additional 100(s) drop, they go to the LS bank. This linkshell is for obtaining Relic, not for profit. For upgraders: Selling outside the LS is allowed, if you are using it to get the type you need.

No flag leeching. Flag leeching is when a person does not attend a run but is given a glass after the boss is defeated to come in and touch the ??? for the flag. This will not take place as it is not fair to the members who put the time, EXP points, Gil and effort into that run. Please do not ask me to allow someone to leech a flag, thank you.

In the event of mass death, raise's will be cycled with consideration given to those that de-leveled (please try to come with decent EXP buffer). If you want to assure you get better then R1, please purchase a RR item. Please note "if" we are pressed for time and close to win with mass death or wipe, you are asked to take any raise given to you. Consideration will be given to those that de-leveled, but you may have to take a raise 1. This is not common, but just warning to people. Anyone found not taking a raise in these situations will be just lie there dead and will be forced to take the R1 or home point. As I stated, it's not a common thing, but sometimes we have to take R1 or R2. Refusing this wastes MP and slows progress. If exp is an issue, make sure you have a RR item to ensure at least the R2.

Please use /assist macro to target enemies. At the start of each run, main assist for BLM and DD will be decided. If you do not know how to use this Please ask. ex. /assist Itaevin or /assist Livix

Camp and move in the designated areas, no wandering.

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